We are an independent investment management firm focusing on private equity and investors’ club investments in the Baltic States.

Investment strategy:

  • We prefer majority Investments, or minority with controlling framework
  • We invest only with sufficient Industry Management participation in our team, securing industry know-how, either from internal sources or externally attracted
  • The Investment target (company or business) must have a proven track record, or proven ability to occupy a market place
  • There must be Growth and/or Restructuring potential. We prefer to look at substance of companies and their inherent value, rather than snapshot performance evaluation
  • Due to the limited size of the Baltic markets, we do not focus on specific industries, but rather attract reliable industry know how with us in the management/investment team.
  • With an underdeveloped public securities market in the Baltic states, we use our strong network to apply a cherry-picking strategy to our investment, and select the targets with the highest expectable yields

Investment approach:

  • We very welcome pro-active investors, and include investors in decision-making. We propose the Investors to take part in executive bodies of the Investment target, such as the Board of Directors.
  • We regularly provide clear and understandable reports to Investors.
  • We keep direct controls over financial flows. Our prime objective is to ensure that funds are engaged in the best interest of the Investment Target, and are used in accordance with pre-determined contractual principles.
  • We go the extra mile to contractually ensure that rules of engagement of the Investors are clear from day 1
  • We understand that Internal restructuring of target companies or businesses is sometimes required to increase the value of the Investments
  • We bring with us a fresh view on the investment target to unlock hidden potential by evaluating options such as cross-border expansion, staff review, use of financial instruments, and other options
  • We understand that in the long term, successful value growth is achievable only if interests of all stakeholders are respected. Therefore we invest considerable effort to work together with all stakeholders, including banks, creditors, staff, and other.
  • Exit. We are flexible for exit terms, and are not bound to fund closing terms limiting our negotiations leverage. Each investment is evaluated independently and flexibly. Investments can be either closed end – with exit in the mid- or long term, or open end long term investments, if they provide high returns, or are a strategic investment